Watch this page for new and innovative kits and modules.  As well as applied Solar Cell Projects we will also feature simple Robots, learning modules for educational and training purposes plus a programme devoted to applied LM555 type timers.  

Later, we will introduce a contributor based "Pick of the PICS", where our friends can showcase easy-to-build kits and projects based upon the popular PIC and PICKAXE Microprocessors.

These economical kits are an ideal introduction to the world of solar electrics. Use the basic components for other projects.  An excellent stimulus for discussion and research into the latest innovations in solar cells. 

FK1001 Solar Powered Fan It doesn't get simpler than this!! No soldering no experience needed. Just push the fan blade onto the motor shaft and clip the solar cell connections to the motor tags.  expose to the light and away you go.

FK1002 Solar Powered Garden Light OK, you might buy a garden light for less but you won't learn a things.  Set up a class discussion about how something can shine at night when there is no sun.

FK1003 Solar Warning Light This is a variation of the FK1002, demonstrating another usage for a solar cell by powering a flashing warning light.   

FK1004 Solar Powered Night Light This is a variation of the FK1003, without the flash feature. Lower power LEDs may be used to illuminate emergency equipment storage.

FK1005 Solar Powered Five LED Flasher Add to your intruder confuser arsenal with this flasher that can be tied in with an infra red sensor.









FK1101 LICON Light Seeking Robot.  Shine a torch in the LICON's Direction and it will follow the beam. Turn the light off and it will stop.

FK1102 DACON Dark Seeking Robot  Sounds ominous doesn't it?  DACON just doesn't like the light.  Shine a torch at him (her?) and it will veer. away

FK1103 FACON Sound Following Robot. Clap once and the FACON will start and after a while will stop until you clap again.  Loves applause and will keep going until you stop clapping.

FK1104 SECON Sound Controlled Robot
SECON Starts and Stops at each clap.  Looks funny as it jerks forward and stops.  Try racing them!!

FK1105 TACON Line Following Robot.  A 1.5cm black line drawn as a track on white paper serve as a guide and TACON's light sensors will find the line and keep it on course.


LM555 Basics
The LM555 and its cousins the LM556 and the 7555 are arguably the most popular integrated circuit ever invented.  So much excellent training and hobby notes have been written that KitStop could not add to the store.  We will however, provide class notes and application notes tailored to your needs.

FK804  12V 25W PWM Controller.  This is a LM555 driven device that allows you to change the mark/space ratio of its output.  It demonstrates the timing, level triggering and astable basics of a LM 555.  It also shows how the output of the LM555 can be used to drive a power transistor to handle larger loads. 

Watch this column for:
555 Driven Dual LED Flasher
555 Driven Siren Sounder Kit
555 Based 8 Sound Siren