Here you will find Future Kit, Maxx Tronic and Future Box Electronic Kits, Modules and Enclosures. The TechCard construction system answers the need for safe, educational, solderless modelling using basic circuits and mechanical assemblies.  If you enjoyed building simple kits from Dick Smith Electronics, or Jaycar you will find many similar ones here and lots more besides.

Site Last Updated: April 24th 2014
Added: KSG1002 Function Generator/Frequency Counter Board
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Previously We Added:
Special Offer
Pair of KS2596 (DOWN) & KS2577 (UP) Miniature DC-DC Converters
New, KSSM-30S Voice/Sound Recording Module
KSR 501 PIR Sensor Module


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4 Channel
433Mhz Remote Controller Set.

3 Functions:  Momentary,
Latch, Push On-Push OFF

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Silicon Chip August 2012 (Page 6)

Starter Kit BONANZA !!!
5 Kits for $25.50 inc GST
plus Post

Just starting out with electronics or retired and taking it up again as a hobby? We've bundled five of our easy-to-build projects into one low cost package: Build a two LED flasher, a 2Watt amplifier, a siren, a light activated switch and measure moisture levels in soil all with the one bundle.

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TechCard is an exciting new concept that addresses the need for a low cost, solderless construction system for schools and hobbyists. The range will address Mechanics, Pneumatics, Electrics and Electronics and Art.
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Featured Products

FK947 Irrigation & Sprinkler Controller

This versatile Circuit monitors the moisture level in the soil and operates an on-board power relay to control the amount of water delivered via an electric pump or solenoid. The FK947 features three user-programmable moisture levels and an adaptable timer built in to safely control the maximum watering. For more information see our Page of Water Light Sound Sensor Shop


WOW! a Digital Clock, Stop Watch, Count-Down Timer and Thermometer all in one package. The time and temperature displays may be set to alternate at user selectable intervals. The MXA073 will find application in public displays, schools, sports clubs and industry. In sports applications, the MXA073 is also fitted with high current, multiplexed drivers to driver external 7 segment displays like the MXA004 units. Correct time is maintained during blackouts by a back-up battery feature.

MXA073 is ready to get to work for you at $AUD74.57 inc.GST plus pack and post of $8.50 Shop

HHO Enthusiasts Continue to Report Fuel Economy Gains as Cell Designers Improve Efficiency.
Despite their detractors HHO experimenters are reporting continued improvemnts improvements in fuel economy whether diesel or petrol. Of course, all of them are using our PWMs to get control of the process. We've heard of one enthusiast that has coupled HHO into his LPG vehicle. Now, that's improving on a good thing!!MXA 066 30Amp PWM Controller

1000s Sold World Wide - The genuine and internationally popular Maxx Tronic MXA 066 - Still the top seller.
This 30Amp 12/24V Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) Module is used for DC Motor Drive, LED Light Dimming, HHO Generation, Linear Motor Control such as Linak and similar low - loss power control applications. 100Hz Operation, 0-100% duty Cycle Control.

Our Lowest Price $AUD 46.61 incl. GST. add P&P $8.50 to anywhere in Australia. Volume discounts and OEM quotes available. Learn More or visit our On-Line Shop

Also from Stock MXA067 30Amp PWM 8-30VDC with Larger Heatsink for HHO applications. Fixed Frequency 100Hz and Variable Frequency 400Hz to 3KHz Less than the cost of the parts at $AU56.86 including GST plus $11.50 P & P to anywhere in Australia. Volume discounts and OEM quotes available. Learn More. Shop

Prices crash for the MXA068 At 50Amps DC it's our most powerful PWM Yet.Same voltage and frequency span as the MXA067 but with a massive 50Amp capability 12v or 24V for Transport and Stationary Diesel Applications. Now even better value at $AU112.55 including GST plus $12.50 Pack & Post to anywhere in Australia. Volume discounts and OEM quotes available.Learn MoreShop
From the Bench

To Make or Buy - Why not do both?
It's a common dilemma faced by hobbyists.  Even with the lower costs of components, building a project can often be many times the value of an off-the-rack solution.

Then, again, where is the satisfaction and personal pride in just handing over the hard-earned ?  We, at KitStop, recognise that not everyone has the time to put together the bits and bobs of a project.

That's why we are adding to our range of pre-assembled functional units that can be put together to  tailor larger systems in less time and at lower cost than  starting from scratch. 

Our MXA series of assemblies have helped many customers save time in project outcomes. In response to demand, we will be adding more FA (Assembled) versions of our FK series to the KitStop range. 

In addition we are adding exciting new modules such as RF and IR remote controls and the brilliant D8 -HB  Range of 7 Segment LED displays

As ever, if  there are Dick Smith kits that you have been using and you cannot find a near equivalent here, we may be able to assist, quantities and information permitting, in continuing your supply.

As the school year approaches its end we'd like to acknowledge the help and support we've received from  teachers and mentors.  To them we say a big THANK YOU, and to you we say - try us for value and support.

If it has been a while since you visited us, take a look as some of our newer products like the very versatile Two Channel Remote Control pair that was featured in the October 2012 Silicon Chip

Join us in the fun that is.... ELECTRONICS!!
John Perrin & Stuart Wright:
(John and Stuart are the Principal Partners of Perrin, Wright & Associates ABN 86 481 210 935, T/as KitStop and KitStop Retail Systems)
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This circuit detects infrared radiation from human or animal bodies with PIR (pyroelectric infrared sensor) and fresnel lens (circular and flat) for increasing efficiency.
Ideal for applying with voice recording (such as MXA075), alarms (such as MXA081),and advertising media system. At $4.80 inc GST you'll want a few of these in your top drawer. For more information see our Page of SENSORS


Robot Invasion

Add flexibility to your robot's capability with low cost plug-in "personality" modules Now your basic Line Follower Robot can be made to follow a light, run away from the light and be controlled with sounds or commands all at the change of a board. Build them yourself or buy them ready made. It's a great way to get more out of your robot investment.

Join the enthusiasts that are designing their own plug-in smart boards to suit this adaptable concept.

Visit the Robot Shop to see what the fuss is all about.

IMPORTANT NOTE:As you read our site, please be aware that we have tried to implement the following guidelines with our Part Numbering:
- "FK" prefix means the kit needs to be built by the buyer.
- "FA"
kits can be purchased already assembled.
"MXA"modules are more complex and come already built and tested. (They are usually made on a blue PCB)
- FB Refers to our range of Plastic Enclosures

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